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Tap'n is the most advanced marketing platform for small businesses. Seamlessly acquire new customers, maximize engagement with returning customers, and increase your ROI on marketing spend - all on one platform.

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Local business
A local business is the heart of every neighborhood and every day small business owners endure against competition from larger organizations that have more resources.
and 100 more from Hicksville, NY
Built for today’s ambitious businesses
You started your business in your community because you had a passion.
Tap'n is here to help you level-up your business with one simple platform for marketing, promotions, and building customer loyalty.
Tap’n allows you to
to customers directly through our app to all your brand touch points
Tap’n helps you
more about your customers and their purchasing behavior
Tap’n works to
your business through customer acquisition and improved ROI on marketing spend

How it works? Product Video

How it works?

Setup your Tap'n profile
A user-friendly merchant portal allows you to easily manage marketing and advertising
Launch your campaigns
Easily upload and promote your marketing to grow your brand
Identify your customers
Know your customers, when and what they are buying to better promote your brand
Reward the loyalty
Reward loyal customers with incentives to return and purchase again
For all business types
Personal care
Food & Drinks
Other services
Tapn allows you to connect to your customers directly through our app to all your brand touch points
Tapn helps you to learn customer behaviour and strategise your business accordingly
Tapn works to grow your business multidirectional and fuels your efficiency
Merchant Benefits
Welcome to your one-stop-shop for growing your business.
One app
Connect your social media, online assets, & partners on this one simple app.
Know customers
Know your customers, what and when they are buying so that you can market to them intelligently.
Increased reach
Increase your reach and acquire new customers through our cross promotional platform.
On demand flyer
Save a tree and save time by ditching the paper promotions and flyers with real-time digital marketing.
Nurture community
Build your community network with cross promotional opportunities from other merchants around you.
Save marketing $$
Save precious marketing and advertising dollars by creating targeted digital promotions that work.
Added Benefits
We have started with a mission to help local businesses. We have also added resources you need to learn, run and grow your business.
Targeted Marketing
Create instant promotions & target them precisely to grow your brand
Identify Customers
Understand customer interests & behavior to acquire new customers
Buyer Analytics
Move your business forward with insightful customer analytics
Digital Marketing
Innovate how you market your business in the digital era
Customer Retention
Innovate how you market your business in the digital era
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Seamless Integration
Tap'n seamlessly integrates with the tools you currently use everyday including WhatsApp & social media.
Plug & Play
Tap'n integrates with your POS system to give you a comprehensive view of your marketing, sales and customers.
Digital Presence
Integrate your social profile, e-commerce and expose your business to the right audience.
Sits Anywhere
Our Tap cards are elegant and simple to sit anywhere on your waiting tables, checkout registers & can be stuck on any surface.
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